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Who is VenicePeach?

VenicePeach is a Creative Suite, that combines our main trading skills to offer our clients the best services and the widest possible range of creative products we’re excited to offer.

Who is behind VenicePeach?

The founder and creative director of VenicePeach is the German photographer, artist and creative writer Madlen Tittmann, who has spent the last decade living and working in Ireland.

Where does the name come from?

Initially, the founder was aiming for a name that screams Good Vibes. She’s quite positive that she has succeeded with her name choice. 

Venice: for the flair of the sunny beaches in Venice, LA, California to the art inspiring canals in Venice, Italy.

Peach: for the countless incredible sunrises and sunsets, that people fall in love to, all around the world, for its meaning of excellence and a person’s very pleasing demeanour, for the juicy sweetness of the fruit and its meaningful reflection in all we do… our portfolio applicable orchard of juicy creations

What do you offer?

We are starting the Creative Suite with our solely five-star Photography services as well as a choice of handmade and blessed precious and semi-precious gem stone Malas, exclusive to VenicePeach Apparel Designs, hand knotted and made to order Friendship Bracelets, Wall Art by VenicePeach, Lightroom Presets, instantly downloadable Printable Backgrounds and Imagery, Stock photography, and Custom Poetry.

Why a Creative Suite and not just one website?

Not all our skills fit into the same genre, so we provided a clean and well structured platform for our clients, to easily find the required serviced.

Where are you based?

At the moment we are based in Northern Ireland. However, we adore to travel and come to your door step, wherever you need us to be.

Why is your main colour blue and not peachy-pink?

Blue is the colour of creativity. Turquoise my favourite colour of all times. It is easy on the eyes and an people/all gender pleasing colour choice for our website.

What made you start VenicePeach?

I wanted to create a creative business that gives me the chance to express myself in all my favourite creative genres and to be able to share the results with the world, to spread the goodness. 🙂

What makes us different from others?

Our dedication with which we approach each and every one of our projects. May it be the single design stages of a service or product, the sourcing of the materials, or the fact, that we offer a custom service to all of our clients. We had so far solely five-star ratings, because our clients love what we do.

What is your message to the world?

Look around you and truly SEE the things that are going on around you. Notice the people that are there and make contact again. Help others. If you see things that aren’t right, try to find a way to put them right. Support the ones that have less than you. Support animal rights. Make a difference. Pursue doing something that gives your life meaning. Make your mark in life. You are unique and you are amazing just the way you are! The skill set and knowledge that you own is different from everyone else’s, so only you can create what you were sent here for to create. Stop overthinking things. Be still from time to time. Breathe. And … Just enjoy the adventure that life is.

What is the story behind VenicePeach?

In 2016 I got very ill and I’ve said to myself, if I make it through this, I have to stop putting off my dreams and have to ensure to share with the world what I was sent here for to do. I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to make my mark in life. That one day I can look back and say, that I have no regrets.

What can i expect from VenicePeach?

You can expect exceptional service, a steadily growing catalogue of high quality and made-with-love products, made of lengthly resourced fair-trade and vegan materials, with designs that are exclusive to VenicePeach.

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