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About VenicePeach

The Story So Far

Welcome to the VenicePeach Creative Suite, a place where different art genres collide, to present you with a kaleidoscope of noteworthy creations.

We specialise in Photography, unique handmade items, digital design and creative writing.

Founded in 2016 by the German photographer, artist and creative writer Madlen Tittmann, we started out as a photography company, offering bespoke photography sessions, from fine-art portraiture to enticing commercial shoots. We operate a mobile studio and are very flexible when shooting on location all around the globe. In now over 27 years of experience behind the camera, we created our own style of photography and have proven ourselves to impress in a wide range of photography genres. We don’t re-use the same patterns for any of our clients and tailor each and every shoot to the clients exact needs and wishes. We shoot reality as it is and turn it into art, with a minimum of image augmentations, but with the use of creative props, individual lighting techniques and master rules of posing and composition. We use top of the line photography gear and editing software, and continued to learn from the best photographers in the world.

In 2017 we also started to create more content with the use of different skills and media. Our goal was to create a range of services for our client’s convenience and to combine previously successful business ideas with the existing one. This led to the beginning of the VenicePeach Creative Suite in early 2018.

We’ve implemented gorgeous artisan work, like our colourful range of handmade precious and semi-precious gemstone Malas for your spiritual growth, as well as unique to VenicePeach inspiring wall-art and apparel designs, and many more useful creations. Thoughtful, custom gifts that you can browse and acquire in our very own online store. We pride ourselves to be supporters of the fair-trade and vegan movement and only use lengthily resourced and hand-picked, long-lasting materials for our high quality, handmade creations.

We also constantly feed into an ever growing library of stock photography for everyone. Because even when we don’t shoot for VenicePeach Photography, we still shoot for fun. We have such a large amount of beautiful, but unseen images of different topics, that we’ve decided to help others that are in need of images. Therefore you can find a vast array of desktop wallpapers, photography backgrounds, blog post and printable images, and more on our VenicePeach Stock site, to brighten up your home and office with inspiring and mind calming imagery.

Another element that you can find in our Creative Suite is the link to our epic community project of  #PeopleOfYourCity. We’ve started this project under VenicePeach Photography in early 2018 out of the need of seeing people communicate again in real life instead of virtually. To empower people to swap their incredible life stories again in person, instead of following an online “friend’s” fake-life timeline on social media. Inspiring you to look up from your digital devices and to say “Hi” to the person next to you, as you never know where fate and opportunity may lead you. Read stories of local people in our daily expanding #POYC community, or become a #POYC yourself. It is here that you’ll find anything you need to know about #PeopleOfYourCity.

We will always think about new ways to inspire you with the work we do and the items we create. This is our promise to you.

Thank you for supporting VenicePeach by having found your way onto our website and by showing interest in the things we do. You are more than appreciated and we will do our very best for you to enjoy your VenicePeach experience.

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