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We focus on the bigger picture

Specialising in capturing the true essence of you, through custom shoots for your individual requirements, making every photo set unique. May it be important snaps from your many stages of the circle of life, your achievements and adventures, the people and the moments you want to keep.  As well as helping business owner to introduce their life’s work to new potential clients through sheer visual bliss, made possible through photographs from VP. We operate a mobile studio and travel to your preferred destination.


Good vibes boxed >>> from us to you

We offer gorgeous and meaningful handmade creations, that are exclusive to the VenicePeach Store. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind or made-to-order bespoke jewellery or artwork, designs and imagery that you can’t find anywhere else, then shop to your heart’s content at the VenicePeach store. All our products are of high quality, made with lengthily resourced and hand-picked materials. We pride ourselves to be supporters of the fair-trade and vegan movement and only use materials for which no-one had to suffer

People of Your City

Your daily dose of local stories

We have grown so oblivious to our surroundings, that a lot of amazing stories are getting lost, because no-one is asking for them anymore. Everyone of us has an interesting story to tell. We feature yours, one at the time. #POYC is a creative photography project, that aims to inspire people to look up from their digital devices and to connect again with each other on a physical rather than a virtual level. Featuring people in the streets, small local businesses and entrepreneurs to make you aware of what your beautiful city has to offer.


Pixel-Perfect resources for all

If you are a blogger, website designer, scrap book creator or just love to spice up your home and office walls and computer desktop backgrounds, you will find a huge range of stunning images in the VenicePeach Stock vault that you will adore. With a constantly growing library of a wide range of topics, you will certainly find what you are looking for. Instantly download images in the size you need, or send them for printing, to create beautiful wall art for yourself or as a thoughtful and timeless present. Pictures say more than words…

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